Industrial Floor and Wall Coatings

In food and beverage manufacturing and medical facilities, hygiene is of the utmost importance. Flooring is a common source of recontamination, despite stringent cleaning practices, as they act as a reservoir for bacteria within the environment. Antimicrobial floor coatings not only provide a non-porous surface, preventing the contaminants from seeping into the flooring, but the presence of the antimicrobial agents prevents the proliferation of microbial contaminants lowering the likelihood of recontamination events.


Inhibit Coatings has developed antimicrobial floor and broad-wall coatings for food safety applications. Ensuring high levels of antimicrobial activity while maintaining a robust, easily cleanable and non-slip surface. These coatings have been trialled in New Zealand food processing sites with huge success. 


Indoor air quality is in the top five environmental risks to public health listed by the USEPA. A HVAC system is a common source of unwanted contaminants within a building; Legionnaire’s disease is a well known and serious issue related to HVAC cleanliness. To prevent the spread and proliferation of unwanted bacteria HVAC systems need to routinely be cleaned and properly maintained. Suitable antimicrobial coatings have been shown to be effective at preventing fungi, mold and bacterial growth in the HVAC environment. Inhibit has developed antimicrobial coatings suitable for HVAC with the goal of improving indoor air quality and decreasing maintenance cost

Marine Antifouling

Fouling is a significant issue in the marine and aquaculture environments. Fouling increases costs and decreases productivity within the shipping and aquaculture industries.


Inhibit is currently testing marine antifouling coatings utilising this technology. Preliminary antifouling experiments have demonstrated the coatings' ability to prevent sea squirt and diatom settlement, while also showing promising static resistance to biofouling in the New Zealand marine environment. Development and testing for this application is ongoing.

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