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Our antimicrobial floor coatings provide a robust, non-slip, non-porous surface - preventing contaminants from seeping into the flooring. They also stop the proliferation of microbes, lowering the likelihood of recontamination. Our floor coatings have been trialled with huge success and are available through our partners The Polymer Group

Fixtures and Fittings

High-touch areas present a risk of bacteria and viruses being transferred from person-to-person. Applying our technology to areas like door handles and push plates in hospitals and healthcare facilities provides an extra layer of protection.







To prevent the spread and growth of unwanted bacteria, HVAC systems need to be cleaned regularly and properly maintained. Our antimicrobial coatings are suitable for HVAC, with the goal of improving indoor air quality while decreasing maintenance costs.



Third-party proven to reduce Human Coronavirus (229E) by 99.9% in two hours.

Our textile coating prevents the growth of microbes on textile materials and reduces pathogenic transmission in domestic, healthcare, and filtration applications. Possible applications include PPE for frontline workers, hospital and soft furnishing, general apparel and workspace upholstery.







As demonstrated by COVID-19, the spread of pathogens is commonplace inside public transport. We envision our coatings applied to a number of key areas like upholstery, arm rests, drop-down tables.






Our technology is flexible, scalable and can be applied to most surfaces. We’re open to new ideas and pushing boundaries to help keep communities safe.


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