Industrial Floor and Wall Coatings

In food and beverage manufacturing and medical facilities, hygiene is of the utmost importance. Flooring is a common source of recontamination despite stringent cleaning practices, as they act as a reservoir for bacteria within the environment. Antimicrobial floor coatings not only provide a non-porous surface, preventing the contaminants from seeping into the flooring, but the presence of the antimicrobial agent prevents the proliferation of microbial contaminants, lowering the likelihood of recontamination.


Inhibit Coatings has developed antimicrobial floor and broad-wall coatings for food safety applications, ensuring high levels of antimicrobial activity while maintaining a robust, easily cleanable, and non-slip surface. These coatings have been trialled in New Zealand food processing sites with huge success. 

Inhibit floor and wall coatings are available through our partners The Polymer Group

Fixtures and Fittings

As with floors and walls, areas with high touch points present a risk of bacteria and viruses being transferred from person to person. 

Applying our coatings to items such as door handles and push plates provides an extra layer of protection, especially in areas with a lot of foot traffic and/or vulnerable people. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and large workplaces are some locations where our nanotechnology is effective.