Our technology uses a broad-spectrum silver antimicrobial agent which is effective at killing over 650 different types of microorganisms, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, Listeria monocytogenes and Campylobacter.

Our technology differs from current coating systems as the antimicrobial agent is bound to the polymer resin. This eliminates many of the current drawbacks and limitations of the existing technology. Binding the active ingredient to the resin using our novel technology results in significant advantages such as: 

  • Our technology has no adverse effects on the physical properties of the coating system. 

  • Our technology does not rely on the controlled release of the active ingredient which means the concentration of the active does not deplete over time. The antimicrobial activity of our coatings lasts as long as the coating itself.  

  • Our antimicrobial coatings maintain their activity after repeated wash cycles with no reduction in the efficacy of the coating. This makes our technology suitable for multiple applications which were previously unavailable to the antimicrobial coatings industry.

  • Inhibits technology results in the highest antimicrobial activity on the market today.  Our coatings have been proven to kill over 99.996% of bacteria on the surface.​

​This technology has been proven to be scalable for multiple resin systems including epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and polyamides. Our methodologies are robust and flexible which allows us to functionalise existing resin systems with Inhibits novel technology. 

Summary of Inhibit's Technology:


  • Robust: Antimicrobial activity does not the compromise physical properties of the coating


  • Sustainable: Low-leaching active reduces environmental impact


  • Durable: Our coatings maintain their activity over the lifetime of the coating, far longer than current systems